It took a long time for human history to come to the idea of human rights. Twas a long and difficult way, through slavery - with the right of master, through feudalism -  with the right of the feudal lord, and further to capitalism with the right of the capitalistic world.

        The idea of rights was completed on the 10th of December 1948 with the conclusion of the era of the Ram and Fish.

         What is the ideological foundation for the coming era of Aquarius?


Duty of a person – before one’s neighbor, before society, before humanity


  The beginning of a new era should be marked with a proclamation of Human Duty Declaration to help a new millennium to evolve in this direction.

   For example, today we don’t consider health as a duty in front of society, but evolution of conscience in this era of Aquarius will bring us to the point when it will be shameful to be sick because it will show the ignorance of the person who is ill.



  Taking into consideration that The UN World Human Rights Declaration, by bestowing upon all members of the human family equal and inalienable rights, which are the prerequisites for freedom and universal peace, has become a powerful means of protecting the world civilization and assisting the earth in becoming a single home for all humankind; and, Taking into consideration that the adoption of The UN World Human Rights Declaration inherently presupposes the existence of people of duty whose indefatigable activity in the past has guided mankind through epochs and civilizations and has lead to the totality of humanity’s history and whose names remain in the memory of descendents as the adornment of the human race, we state that The Human Duty should be defined as the global problem of humanity and be declared in order to give each person the opportunity for conscious participation in mankind’s evolution; and, Taking into consideration that it is the intelligent people who are most responsible for the nation’s destiny, they will increase their spiritual potential, the main essence of which is spirituality. Spirituality, a special quality of intellect which is manifested in the ability to synthesize, will become the quality of people of duty. This will of course be the immunization which will protect nations in any historical situation.

 Taking into consideration, that the following of the principles and fulfillment of this given document are voluntary actions of those of mature consciousness, we address all who consider that duty is a basic necessity of the mature spirit and we declare and proclaim this Human Duty Declaration.






The Motto: We Search Not for Rights but for Justice Without Which Life Turns to Continuous Hypocrisy



The main attribute of the twentieth century was the great interest of science toward the   problems of the spirit, theosophy, and the moral norms of all the world religions. The times when dazzling successes of natural sciences have furnished the availability of scientific proof of theosophical problems on the basis of the newest theories and discoveries in science has come. Modern science, such as the theory of Vernadsky about the neo-sphere, not only confirms the position that we are all brothers and sisters, but also reveals Bible truths and with academic resolve declares: each person is in the image of God, is a divine person because he/she by the power of his/her will creates new alive microcosms on a more rarified level of matter. Another statement of Vernadsky’s theory, completely in accord with theosophy, is that for everything, not only affairs and acts, but also ideas, words, feelings, desires, etc., each person bears the full responsibility, and receives the karma, wholly paying off for all with his destiny. There appear big scientific problems of Alive ethics, both from the point of view of Alive ethics and from the point of view of evolution of a neo-sphere:  any acts of evil - war, enmity, murders, revenge, envy, treachery, perfidy, insult, deception, and other low displays of mankind - are senseless.

    The neo-sphere of the earth exists as though the supreme moral judge on this planet, preserving the ecology of environments, peoples, cultures and individuals.

 Problems of life and death, personal immortality, and the immortality of mankind are determined in scientific terms as well. And for people seeking personal immortality, the authoritative recommendation is given: make great effort for the sake of humanity.

 Everyone doing so follows the road of finding the special rights acquired in a life similar to the rights gained by Bible heroes.

     One of the greatest heroic acts is to seize the Kingdom of Heaven. "The kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent are taking it by force”. (Matt. 11:12). It is necessary to understand at last that rights are not appropriated, but are won by enormous effort of spirit, and everyone who has reached the specified rights is transformed into the supporter of people, the citizen of the planet. The citizen of the planet who has realized the rights of this declaration seizes knowledge of the management of natural forces and authority above matter, and bears the deepest responsibility in each case of using or abusing them. Everyone who abuses forces of the universe for the sake of selfish purposes sooner or later realizes that he/she should drop all things that were dishonestly gained because the punishment will be awful. Scientists were never frightened with a hypothetical hell; however, the reality of the existence of a neo-sphere is making these scientists accept moral norms as highly scientifically factual.

     Therefore, it is a great joy to gain the right to feed poor people, to cure patients, to revive the dead, and to make many other wonderful and ad infinitum surprising acts from an inexhaustible arsenal of nature. Let us restore the spirit of freedom, kindness, and culture which makes it possible for mankind, created as an immortal, loving, free, image of our Creator to realize and achieve these rights for the advantage of society and to bring joy to those who want to bring goodness to the world.

     In simple displays of life people achieving those rightswill find freedom and will enrich the well-being of the earth and all the people round the world. They will use the universal blessing in the name of the finest world of freedom of culture but not for a vicious anarchy - its opposite, which tries to become fashionably acceptable like a new culture.

     These rights represent power of the self-realized person, the person who after long searching has seen that he is in unity with God and is ready to play the role of mankind’s benefactor, the role of Carrier of the Light of the Immortal Culture. Thus, each person will find his/her legal standing and correct understanding of how he/she should apply these rights in his/her own world and even in the universe.

     To possess these rights specified below one should search and conquer the final "I” through love drawing from within and through a compelling and magnetic call from the soul to the Divine Source.

    On the way to human rights of the twenty-first century lie many obstacles of similar themes that mankind has already overcomesince December 10, 1948, the day when the Human Rights Declaration was accepted in the United Nations, to today. The first Declaration of Human Rights has altered the face of countries and the planet and has become the foundation of all constitutions, leading to an opportunity for realization of the offered human rights of the twenty-first century originated from God. On the way to new human rights it is necessary for a person to constantly challenge the lowest elements which arise as spirits to break and test the plan which he/she has started. Each person should patiently continue to fulfill his/her God-given plan. True rights of human beings which are the source of every good and beneficial plan, come from sincere dialogue within one’s self in order to capture inspiring ideas from the radiant mind of the Creator.

   Offered conceptions of the rights are new but the time for them is very beneficial. Having accumulated a set of poor qualities and low conditions of consciousness the society has generated a set of erroneous conceptions. Those who are still free from the confinement of these wrong conceptions would certainly appreciate the offered alternative. They will prefer the presented suggestions. The choice made will correct situations in a society, will create improved culture and remove false conceptions and will trace new lines of kind customs. The person and a society will look for the highest examples of prophets, saints and all those who at all times followed a heavenly plan and reached divine wisdom and love.

   Until everyone understands that he/she should demonstrate individually the right given by God to use the power of nature wisely and with love, he/she will not be capable of avoiding falling into a pit of self-deception and self-justification. God’s intention is that everyone on earth aspires to understand him/herself and his/her destiny. The vanity generated by intellectual pride was sometimes the reason that many sincere people, worldly authorities, and even high representatives of sciences, ran into a trap of their own creations and in many cases they did not understand when the trap door slammed behind them. If any right is not understood, no one from among all of the well-wishers thinks that it can be skipped or withdrawn only on the basis that it is common or trivial. The specified rights being realized carry unexpected results of well-being, spiritual comfort, and full value of valid freedom. There’s nothing bad in that we possess the divine rights to divine sources inside ourselves to satisfy and fulfill not only the needs of mankind but also other pressing needs because, God puts into our hands a key to manage the forces of nature for universal well-being! It is only necessary to understand the universal plan or, in other words, the plan of creation that everything that you think and do or make is in harmony with the eternal law and cosmic principles.

   It is possible to name a multitude of noble qualities but only if you use them practically will you possess all these highest rights. Creation of the divine wisdom contained in each right is accessible to each spirit which has made a choice for the benefit of education and culture.

 Human rights of the twenty-first century glorify a principle of immortal intelligence of God, His mind and His inspiration.


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