It took a long time for human history to come to the idea of human rights. Twas a long and difficult way, through slavery - with the right of master, through feudalism -  with the right of the feudal lord, and further to capitalism with the right of the capitalistic world.

        The idea of rights was completed on the 10th of December 1948 with the conclusion of the era of the Ram and Fish.

         What is the ideological foundation for the coming era of Aquarius?


Duty of a person – before one’s neighbor, before society, before humanity


  The beginning of a new era should be marked with a proclamation of Human Duty Declaration to help a new millennium to evolve in this direction.

   For example, today we don’t consider health as a duty in front of society, but evolution of conscience in this era of Aquarius will bring us to the point when it will be shameful to be sick because it will show the ignorance of the person who is ill.



  Taking into consideration that The UN World Human Rights Declaration, by bestowing upon all members of the human family equal and inalienable rights, which are the prerequisites for freedom and universal peace, has become a powerful means of protecting the world civilization and assisting the earth in becoming a single home for all humankind; and, Taking into consideration that the adoption of The UN World Human Rights Declaration inherently presupposes the existence of people of duty whose indefatigable activity in the past has guided mankind through epochs and civilizations and has lead to the totality of humanity’s history and whose names remain in the memory of descendents as the adornment of the human race, we state that The Human Duty should be defined as the global problem of humanity and be declared in order to give each person the opportunity for conscious participation in mankind’s evolution; and, Taking into consideration that it is the intelligent people who are most responsible for the nation’s destiny, they will increase their spiritual potential, the main essence of which is spirituality. Spirituality, a special quality of intellect which is manifested in the ability to synthesize, will become the quality of people of duty. This will of course be the immunization which will protect nations in any historical situation.

 Taking into consideration, that the following of the principles and fulfillment of this given document are voluntary actions of those of mature consciousness, we address all who consider that duty is a basic necessity of the mature spirit and we declare and proclaim this Human Duty Declaration.


Article 1: Every person potentially represents the treasure of his/her people - strength, dignity and human resource. Thus, every person should be bestowed full freedom and rights accorded by The UN World Human Rights Declaration.


Article 2.1: Every person should respect the innate right of each individual because violation of this is a serious crime before the individual, state, and entire mankind. Moreover, the state itself fails in its moral and political responsibility when the individual’s rights have been violated.

 2.2: Every person should exercise the maximum self-discipline so as not to create a precedent for turning his own state into one of tyranny and despotism but rather to allow the society to evolve naturally; thus prisons, labor camps, and other end-products of the conflicts between the individual and society which are so alarming to the conscience of humanity will disappear.


Article 3.1: Every believer should realize that people over centuries have been carrying on an uncompromised struggle to keep faith in God’s teachings in order that, in the moment of fatal danger, they were able to employ their faith as the only means of national salvation, thus, passing over the abyss of anarchy, devastation, poverty, and temporary confusion of the people’s consciousness.

3.2: Every citizen according to his/her abilities should knock at his/her neighbor’s door and render feasible help as Jesus did without wounding another person’s  dignity.

3.3: Every person should do his/her best as a human being and citizen so that, with full moral responsibility they make use of the humanitarian help from foreign countries but in the shortest time possible escape the unworthy beggar’s lot by strengthening principles of cooperation and sociable ties with all natural partners.


Article 4: Every person should realize that labor is the only invincible strength of any state and do his/her best to guard one’s native land, and its ecology, and increase its economic and scientific potential through hard and intensified labor.


Article 5: Every person should pay the highest respect to women as to World Mother, the mother of Life. Let all women be affirmed as the great symbol of transformation of all life and direct us all toward the worthy accomplishment of spiritual revival. Mother - life giving, life protecting will become Mother - guiding, uplifting and all-accepting.


Article 6: Every person should respect all the laws and norms of his/her state on the principle of self-discipline. Only the person who was yesterday’s slave will be indignant before the decree.  People of limited consciousness fear to lose their personality carrying out the state laws and instructions. At the same time it is necessary to realize that the state is limited in its actions by the citizens’ rights, or will be limited in consequence of human rights’ natural evolution.


Article 7: Every person in every possible way should strive for the fulfillment of peace throughout the planet. For one’s own sake one must compromise in the name of collaboration, creating good relations, and avoiding all obstacles of incompatibility, for it is said: "The peacemakers shall be called the sons of God.” (Matt. 5:9)


Article 8: Every person in every possible way should assist the unification of women in the name of the new Era of Culture as the main moment of human evolution, according to the original principle of duality of the world in the entire universe.


Article 9: Every citizen should realize the principle of Hierarchy as the basis of evolution, as the law of nature expressed by the formula "inferior is subordinate to superior”; and, to the persons who haven’t yet overcome slavery, we again state that Hierarchy differs from despotism and that slavery and conscientious Hierarchy are like night and day, for there exists Hierarchy of Consciousness, Hierarchy of Freedom, Hierarchy of Knowledge, Hierarchy of Light.


Article 10: Every person has the right to freedom of speech, but those who have accepted the Duty Declaration bear civil responsibility for every word said in public because every ribaldry and quarrel are a praise to darkness. It is said in the Bible, that it is "not what goes into the mouth that defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.” (Matt. 15:11)

Someday people will understand that thought is already action, and that is why everything thought and said is permanent; this comprehension is cosmic consciousness, with which comes an uncommonly happy period when one may think what he wants and say what he thinks.


Article 11: Every person should defend his/her motherland for it is his/her sacred duty, and realize that the fight for the motherland never comes to an end: the struggle takes place not only on battlefields but in every place where hypocritical smiles, lies, law violations and, certainly, ignorance exist. Each such case calls for fearlessness and heroism because the fate of entire nations is determined in such battles. Wisdom says that any victory is first gained by thought.


Article 12: Every person should know on what grounds his/her particular national character was formed and, in accordance with it, cultivate his/her tastes to art as a spectator or connoisseur at first, and then, as a creator of spiritual treasures in the name of the perfection of life forms; so that, in every possible way, they may raise the level of taste and comprehension of the narrow-minded persons and masses because the form of life is the stamp of the people’s spirit. And so, in the name of the elevation of the people’s spirit, let us create forms of light and let us not be discouraged by the small amount of these forms as their potential will be great.


Article 13: Every person should revolt against de-heroization of his/her people, against any humiliation of the nation’s dignity, and against the tendency to consider a separate vice as a characteristic national trait. One should also perceive the valor of the day in the struggle and formation of one’s nation in any conditions, because struggle without heroes and heroism is impossible; it is necessary to realize this in order to foster respect and love for the heroes of the people.


Article 14: Every person should consider marriage with full responsibility and, scientifically, as the point of kinship and compatibility by elements that give a balanced posterity, otherwise infertility and deterioration of nations will be the result of neglecting these laws.  The time has come to recognize this fact as a vital problem, not only because now we see the unbalanced state of the present population, but also because inclination and love between man and woman should be considered as the manifestation of cosmic law, in which it is necessary to realize the all-powerfulness of Love and to research into this supreme display to awaken the highest emotions and creative abilities. Only in this awakening can the main purpose exist, the main sense of love as the only source of creative strength.


Article 15: Every person should realize the necessity of discovering one’s own talents and carefully develop them, for it is our great responsibility as the bearers of spiritual treasures. The ignorance and lack of development of one’s own talents is a crime before humanity. A talent is given a person to distribute spiritual treasures throughout the world, and we must do our best to create all conditions for practical realization of that in order that the thirsty souls may get vital food.


Article 16: Every person should cultivate in him/herself the determination for action, the consciousness of the courageous right to expand new possibilities and achievements in the most crucial direction of the century – harmonious collaboration; and make this as a science of life spreading it everywhere for the sake of peace for all mankind. Collaboration is the basis of existence and only very extensive cooperation gives true correlation between the state and people’s labor.

Otherwise destructive debts of the state will be increasing. Collaboration develops by the next four fundamental principles:

a)      women should become the keepers of culture;

b)      quality thinking should be realized as the power to transform life;

c)      creative thought  should be acknowledged as the energy to renovate existence;

d)      Mutually beneficial compromise should become the balancing principle of contrary positions.


Article 17: Every person should foster and develop in him/herself the sense of responsibility unto infinity for everything done by him/herself for we are responsible not only to ourselves, but also to those we leave in this life after death. Such realization of responsibility before the eternally beautiful phenomenon of life will become the ground of great conscientiousness for every thought, every word, and every action. One should try to abstain from insignificant thoughts; even a little attention to one’s thoughts can give positive results. Shame prevents us from using bad words in public, doesn’t it? Why then should a person contaminate space with them by thinking them at all? Let every base thought sent into this beautiful world horrify us; this is the way to foster the art of thinking- the foundation of people’s health.


Article 18: Every person should cultivate in him/herself patience and tolerance, characteristic traits very hard to master and thus invaluable ones.


Article 19: Every person should realize the basis of his/her life is the cultivation  of Heart and love, a vitally necessary purpose, because intellect in its development went far away improving not only life itself but also the means and ways to kill even one’s own brother and shackling the Heart into a stone prison of estrangement and indifference. Harmony of Heart and mind must be reached. Heart-based intelligence is the only value of the civilized world.


Article 20: Every person should realize his/her responsibility as a thinking being and above all destroy in him/herself the principle of hatred and war, to get rid of enmity everywhere and in everything, for it is impossible to be in the state of spite without poisoning the consciousness of society by vengeful and malicious thinking and behavior.


Article 21: The great task of every person is to long for new thinking, for change in consciousness and thought in him/herself as well as in other people, which is the most principled way to cure the consciousness of society brought to a deadlock of unsolved problems in economy, law, and other spheres.

There is no future, no evolution, without change in consciousness. Only through the renovation of thinking can one achieve a new level of evolution.


Article 22: Every person’s duty is to foster in children, the true flowers of our future, the ability to dream without reserve and with kind imaginations equal to sacred prayer. Like a true gardener each of us ought to safeguard that joy should never die away in children’s eyes and bright smiles should always be on each child’s face – the sign of the faith, hope, and love which is in those who surround and care for them being realized in the children’s countenance.


Article 23: Every person should long for completion of his concrete affairs and shouldn’t do things by halves but instead qualitatively complete all good deeds and give up all bad ones without any fear before another person or thing, but only by trial of one’s own conscience.


Article 24: Every person should free themselves from trying to please other’s opinions, for this form of slavery chains a man by invisible fetters; by freeing oneself from striving for others’ approval, one has the freedom to truthfully and completely execute one’s Duties.


Article 25: Every person should understand that all people should be judged according to their deeds but not their words. That is why the rows of witnesses will not speak about the righteousness of a person; rather his personal example in life is the only true evidence of his dedication to the ideals of Duty.


Article 26: Every person should protect culture and all the great images of humanity from humiliation; because, first of all, people with the lowest level of intellectual and spiritual development humiliate everything great, thus the foundation of life and creative activity are destroyed, and even the value of knowledge itself is placed under doubt by seeking momentary benefit which gives rise to banal thinking and lowers the morale level. So let us be aware that a low level of knowledge usually denies truth and is awfully dogmatic in its statements.


Article 27: Those who determine to do their duty should possess one of the rarest of qualities – trust, for distrust is the main obstacle on the way to collaboration; and the ability to trust bears witness to purity of heart. There can be neither advancement nor development without trust, and it is deepened by heartistic relationships.


Article 28: Every person should take as a principle of his relations with people respect for human thought, great tolerance to all members of the united human family, and the tendency to embody concrete idealism penetrating all the fields of life. Do not stop in front of any obstacles in order to solve the most urgent task of this time because the future of science, and humanity as well, depends on finding quality solutions for this problem - the problem of harmonizing ethical and moral ideals of a person with his/her life experience.


Article 29: Every person should cultivate in him/herself altruism, an essential part of inner self–perfection, and follow the principle "to live for the sake of others”, which makes him/her in all verity a select inhabitant of the earth, for whom the only source of joy is eternal giving, eternal serving, and eternal cognition.


Article 30: Every person should realize his full responsibility in regard to society in a period of great social upheaval and become a dynamically thinking and acting being who actively turns devastation into a source of possibilities and accumulated strength. This will enable people to go beyond the limitation of their chosen profession to serve as needed in times of emergency. All those unable to change their concepts or values will not only feel economic and moral difficulties, but they will turn into a burden to the society. 


Article 31: Every person should realize Beauty. As a spoon carrying honey to a mouth doesn’t know the taste itself, so Beauty without its realization exists only by itself. A realization of Beauty makes an outburst of consciousness in the human heart; after this a person becomes more than just a human being, which is why the realization of Beauty will save the world.


Article 32: Every person should perfect life, adorn it, and bring beauty into everything, and if there are conditions not corresponding to the beauty of life to declare to overcome any ugliness, turning it into perfection. Special care should be given to teachers as the source of the beauty of the human spirit for it is said in Oriental wisdom: "Pitiful are the people where the teacher lives in poverty.”


Article 33: Every person professing the idea of Duty should understand that he/she comes into alliance with people ready to receive the Bearer of Light and Truth – the Messiah, who will find human souls prepared to perceive his news, ready language capable to express new truth carried by him, ready organizations waiting for his appearance, which will remove mechanical and material obstacles and difficulties in his way.




Taking into consideration that with an increase of consciousness of the people professing the Duty Declaration, the conception of duty will become more and more refined, elevated, and noble, especially with the coming of the Messiah, when particularly God-inspired principles of duty will be proclaimed; we state that:

The offered declaration is a document open to endless perfection of norms and principles meeting the demands of the Human Duty Idea.