The Motto: We Search Not for Rights but for Justice Without Which Life Turns to Continuous Hypocrisy



The main attribute of the twentieth century was the great interest of science toward the   problems of the spirit, theosophy, and the moral norms of all the world religions. The times when dazzling successes of natural sciences have furnished the availability of scientific proof of theosophical problems on the basis of the newest theories and discoveries in science has come. Modern science, such as the theory of Vernadsky about the neo-sphere, not only confirms the position that we are all brothers and sisters, but also reveals Bible truths and with academic resolve declares: each person is in the image of God, is a divine person because he/she by the power of his/her will creates new alive microcosms on a more rarified level of matter. Another statement of Vernadsky’s theory, completely in accord with theosophy, is that for everything, not only affairs and acts, but also ideas, words, feelings, desires, etc., each person bears the full responsibility, and receives the karma, wholly paying off for all with his destiny. There appear big scientific problems of Alive ethics, both from the point of view of Alive ethics and from the point of view of evolution of a neo-sphere:  any acts of evil - war, enmity, murders, revenge, envy, treachery, perfidy, insult, deception, and other low displays of mankind - are senseless.

    The neo-sphere of the earth exists as though the supreme moral judge on this planet, preserving the ecology of environments, peoples, cultures and individuals.

 Problems of life and death, personal immortality, and the immortality of mankind are determined in scientific terms as well. And for people seeking personal immortality, the authoritative recommendation is given: make great effort for the sake of humanity.

 Everyone doing so follows the road of finding the special rights acquired in a life similar to the rights gained by Bible heroes.

     One of the greatest heroic acts is to seize the Kingdom of Heaven. "The kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent are taking it by force”. (Matt. 11:12). It is necessary to understand at last that rights are not appropriated, but are won by enormous effort of spirit, and everyone who has reached the specified rights is transformed into the supporter of people, the citizen of the planet. The citizen of the planet who has realized the rights of this declaration seizes knowledge of the management of natural forces and authority above matter, and bears the deepest responsibility in each case of using or abusing them. Everyone who abuses forces of the universe for the sake of selfish purposes sooner or later realizes that he/she should drop all things that were dishonestly gained because the punishment will be awful. Scientists were never frightened with a hypothetical hell; however, the reality of the existence of a neo-sphere is making these scientists accept moral norms as highly scientifically factual.

     Therefore, it is a great joy to gain the right to feed poor people, to cure patients, to revive the dead, and to make many other wonderful and ad infinitum surprising acts from an inexhaustible arsenal of nature. Let us restore the spirit of freedom, kindness, and culture which makes it possible for mankind, created as an immortal, loving, free, image of our Creator to realize and achieve these rights for the advantage of society and to bring joy to those who want to bring goodness to the world.

     In simple displays of life people achieving those rightswill find freedom and will enrich the well-being of the earth and all the people round the world. They will use the universal blessing in the name of the finest world of freedom of culture but not for a vicious anarchy - its opposite, which tries to become fashionably acceptable like a new culture.

     These rights represent power of the self-realized person, the person who after long searching has seen that he is in unity with God and is ready to play the role of mankind’s benefactor, the role of Carrier of the Light of the Immortal Culture. Thus, each person will find his/her legal standing and correct understanding of how he/she should apply these rights in his/her own world and even in the universe.

     To possess these rights specified below one should search and conquer the final "I” through love drawing from within and through a compelling and magnetic call from the soul to the Divine Source.

    On the way to human rights of the twenty-first century lie many obstacles of similar themes that mankind has already overcomesince December 10, 1948, the day when the Human Rights Declaration was accepted in the United Nations, to today. The first Declaration of Human Rights has altered the face of countries and the planet and has become the foundation of all constitutions, leading to an opportunity for realization of the offered human rights of the twenty-first century originated from God. On the way to new human rights it is necessary for a person to constantly challenge the lowest elements which arise as spirits to break and test the plan which he/she has started. Each person should patiently continue to fulfill his/her God-given plan. True rights of human beings which are the source of every good and beneficial plan, come from sincere dialogue within one’s self in order to capture inspiring ideas from the radiant mind of the Creator.

   Offered conceptions of the rights are new but the time for them is very beneficial. Having accumulated a set of poor qualities and low conditions of consciousness the society has generated a set of erroneous conceptions. Those who are still free from the confinement of these wrong conceptions would certainly appreciate the offered alternative. They will prefer the presented suggestions. The choice made will correct situations in a society, will create improved culture and remove false conceptions and will trace new lines of kind customs. The person and a society will look for the highest examples of prophets, saints and all those who at all times followed a heavenly plan and reached divine wisdom and love.

   Until everyone understands that he/she should demonstrate individually the right given by God to use the power of nature wisely and with love, he/she will not be capable of avoiding falling into a pit of self-deception and self-justification. God’s intention is that everyone on earth aspires to understand him/herself and his/her destiny. The vanity generated by intellectual pride was sometimes the reason that many sincere people, worldly authorities, and even high representatives of sciences, ran into a trap of their own creations and in many cases they did not understand when the trap door slammed behind them. If any right is not understood, no one from among all of the well-wishers thinks that it can be skipped or withdrawn only on the basis that it is common or trivial. The specified rights being realized carry unexpected results of well-being, spiritual comfort, and full value of valid freedom. There’s nothing bad in that we possess the divine rights to divine sources inside ourselves to satisfy and fulfill not only the needs of mankind but also other pressing needs because, God puts into our hands a key to manage the forces of nature for universal well-being! It is only necessary to understand the universal plan or, in other words, the plan of creation that everything that you think and do or make is in harmony with the eternal law and cosmic principles.

   It is possible to name a multitude of noble qualities but only if you use them practically will you possess all these highest rights. Creation of the divine wisdom contained in each right is accessible to each spirit which has made a choice for the benefit of education and culture.

 Human rights of the twenty-first century glorify a principle of immortal intelligence of God, His mind and His inspiration.


Look for the wisdom of a new generation as for happiness. -- Plato


  1. Each country has the right to its independence. Each nation existing due to internal exchange finds its independence. Otherwise, seen or invisible supremacy of foreign capital will enslave any country, will deprive its people of self-affirmation and will transform the country into a pitiful contemplator of others’ achievements.


  1. Each teacher and doctor has the right to the state’s funding and protection. Ignorance, poverty and illness are companions of the countries where the teacher and the doctor are left on their own. The hungry doctor cannot cure, and the depressed teacher cannot create evolution; for the doctor, out of necessity, becomes a criminal and the teacher, concerned with thoughts of daily bread cannot be engaged in constant cognition. A life without a teacher is dim; a life without a doctor is suffering; a life without a hero is dead. It is necessary to indefatigably remind people about the importance of the teacher, the doctor and the hero for these concepts are equal and conducive to prosperity. They help to transfer the weights of life and are a source of courage for all. It is not difficult to see that the teacher and the doctor are one in essence. There is a clear and ancient statement from Fire Yoga: "The teacher is the best hero.                                     His arms do not rust, do not wear out. The army can take to flight, but the teacher will not recede. We shall give him laurels of the hero!” Truly people prosper whose teacher and doctor are protected with the care of the states because they define the coming into being and the development in each country.


  1. Each person has the sacred right of the independent development of his/her consciousness on the basis of science, art, education, philosophy, and theosophy, and with the protection against any encroachment on it from the part of secret services, mass media, and any sort of institution of the public opinion which spreads outlooks, tastes, morals, political views, and orientations of youth that are convenient for them, by possessing a monopoly over not only political authority and the mass media, but also over the truth itself.

The only criteria of freedom of the consciousness of people are: its science, culture, art, education, moral principles, and level of material well-being.

The right of independent development of consciousness is that unique right which raises hopes in our breast that each individual will receive knowledge and power,  and will rise above the puppet condition in which he is subject to the influence of another’s egos, low spirits, passing imaginations of time, apostles of darkness and any sort of historical and modern tyrants. Break off your chains and refuse to be the creation of another. Choose this way leading you into freedom; it is possible through the possession of the sacred right of independent development of one’s own consciousness.


  1. Each person has an inalienable right to love their native land. There is a reason for a person to be born in a certain country and belong to a certain people.Only a person who piously loves his/her country and by his/her deeds glorifies his/her people will be able to serve humanity. It is a sacred right of each person to protect his/her native land against any encroachment – territorial, ideological, and material.


  1. Each person possesses freedom of Will. It is a great freedom belonging to a person: the free Will to create Goodness. Freedom of Will without the afterthought to create Goodness is transformed by some people into a disgusting monster: the right to manufacture weapons, the right to revenge, the right to the organization and existence of organized crime, the right to a life free from morals. So, the bright gift of Freedom of Will to create goodness was imperceptibly transformed into madness. Free will is given to each person to become the lords of the world. Therefore, God does not interfere and change the existence of injustice and misfortune until He is called by a person of free will who accepts that God has the reins of Authority and directs his life. Jesus carried out this transfer of Authority from personal to divine when he said, "Father – not my will, but Your will be done.” (Matt. 26:39, Mark 14:36, Luke 22:42) Thus, the right of Free Will of each person can be defined as a conscious transfer of actions to God, not the Ego. Choosing to live in human consciousness with one’s Ego, forcing one to drag oneself through a pitiful earthly existence, a person separates him/herself from the Divine source of Wisdom and Love Power until he/she goes through deprivations and emptiness; concentrating on oneself, a person does not realize the greatness of the unique right of Will - the Will of God, the Freedom of Will to Create Goodness. Let every person return him/herself to the sacred right of freedom of Will to create Goodness!


  1. Knowledge is an inalienable right of each person because only knowledge is the basis of eternal and everlasting happiness; cognition is not limited in its possibilities. We shall not think that the way of cognition is easy, but without it, it is impossible to become the anointed sovereign of the Sky – the Perfect person. Many obstacles will be met on the road to knowledge, the road to perfection, and overcoming them will become a criterion of growth, a source of happiness.

The value of the human right to obtain knowledge is incomparable, because knowledge is power.


  1. Each person has the right to cut off and declare war on all nocuous influences of the past. It is necessary to understand that even the smallest past insult can turn into intolerable oppression, so imagine how massive the fetters of centuries-old offenses can become. These chains of the past deaden each aspiration forward, to the future, becoming an insurmountable barrier on the way to both personal and universal evolution.

It is enough to cling to ambitious fragments of history and personal relations in the name of the development of new relations of states, societies and separate persons and evolution as a whole. The person realizing the given right to cut off the bad influences of the past becomes like the Greek god Atlantis on whose shoulders all the burden of the world lays. May the victory over the past open the gates of the future!


  1. Each person has the right to Honesty.

The governments, in an effort to keep people’s poverty of thought, promote commonness as a success, and in so doing bury individual talents.It is necessary to warn people of the approach of an epoch of the New Right – the rights of a new life full of consciousness, heroism, creativity and the highest harmony of cooperation of peoples. When will countries stop being divided based on levels of advancement; when will more developed countries stop taking advantage of less-developed countries against all democratic norms; when will the interests of ‘elite’ people stop being the first priority; because Earth, Sky, and Air cannot be divided as personal belongings. The catastrophe of Chernobyl is more than enough of an example. It is necessary to realize that we have lost theright of Honesty under the pressure of conventions menacing not only to our reputation or a material well-being, but also menacing to our life. Speaking about the right to Honesty, we do not mean people who cannot speak the truth even at the risk of their lives. We speak about the right to Honesty even at the risk of one’s life and we specify a way of the perfect truth, when a person speaks the truth without worrying about personal advantages. So, the Right to Honesty means the Truth not as a conditional abstractness, but a realized necessity.


  1. The most difficult right each person has is to consciously decide, if they are in agony and there is absolutely no other choice, to end their life! This is the right of Death. It is necessary to reconsider all reasons concerning Death. If a person doesn’t think about suicide and lives a full life in which work is normal and self-sacrifice is the quality of his/her character, then to die doesn’t mean to betray one’s neighbor and it is not necessary to detain the Spirit from new incarnation. To economize energy is a basis of the Universe, so let a dying person die and be born again to a new life with a new genetically enhanced body, new relatives and new social opportunities. It is absolutely necessary that the Doctor perform an autopsy. The foundation of the right of Death is the knowledge that the Spirit is eternal!


  1. Each person has the right of Pleasure – the most difficult right to obtain. This right radically overturns all our earthly understandings about pleasure, for true Pleasure is to:
    1. Receive persecution, but not seek recognition;
    2. Serve without expecting a position of authority;
    3. Act unselfishly without desiring material wealth or payment;
    4. Sow but not reap a harvest.

To act on the former of each of these four points (receive persecution, serve and act unselfishly and plant good seeds) will help end your past and bring liberation but to expect the latter of the four points (recognition, authority, payment and a harvest) will create new bonds leading to a pitiful earthly existence. The former of each of the points are achievements of the Soul while the latter parts are fetters for the Soul. For who goes to work joyfully; the one who stands and sows, but not the one who bends down to reap. The one who sows widely scatters grain with the right hand; the wind carries away grains, but he sings, because the field is not empty for him and he leaves only after having sated the arable land with grain. It is indifferent to the sewer, what reaper will reap the harvest of new grains. True pleasure is the weight of peace, while to strive for the rest (recognition, authority, power, payment, etc) is not a part of evolution but will only supply oneself, in the end only accomplishing becoming fertilizer for others. So, let us remember, that to live the way of true Pleasure is to possess special Wisdom!


  1. Each person has the right to glorify national Heroes. A nation’s rise or decline in development can be judged by how the people of that nation treat their Heroes. People who dream of the Hero will increase in development, but the concept of the Hero will be burdensome and unnecessary to a declining nation. Even if these people bathe in gold, even if these people are full of elite arrogance and self-importance, they are not able to accomplish great achievements; the burning desire for great achievements has left their minds. It is not said without reason in Oriental wisdom: "people who allow their Heroes to be thrown down to roll in the mud are defeated.” A people who have forgotten their heroes are truly dead; and the governments which ceased to create heroes or hold them in a shadow of oblivion – are criminal. Up until this time the Caucasian race, a race of intellect, has been the leading race; now is the time of a changing of races, when a more spiritually-centered race will rise to the forefront. At this time, who, if not the governments, should care about the maintenance of the heroic spirit of people? Without the maintenance of heroic spirit the history of a country is empty. Each people are indefinitely rich with Heroes, and in times of crises, when all others are afraid, they arise with fearlessness. Heroes rise in times of the most terrible necessity with the flare of love and self-sacrifice. So we should not repudiate the sacred right to esteem and glorify our Heroes.


  1. According to evolution, each person has the right to strive for excellence originating from our Hearts. This striving for excellence cannot be changed. Whether alone with ourselves or before crowds, we should remember this inalienable right. Only those blind to the future cannot see the direction of evolution. The door of knowledge is easier to find when the path to it is clearly defined. Aspirations cannot be recognized as an unprecedented feat! Aspirations should be as normal as wearing clothes and eating food.Then the walls of ignorance will become transparent. Then the seal of the secret letter of a person’s aspirations will dissolve. The easiest way to go is to use the right of aspiration. The Heart knows that this Way is true. Nobody should specify another Way now. Let’s practice the right of aspiration, the natural right of evolution.



  1. Each person has the right to possess property according tothe new world concepts. First of all it is necessary to declare resolutely that we are living in the new world and so it is a mistake to think that the conquering of new territory and the enslavement of people is in accordance with the new world paradigm as it was in previous times.We shall not hide that now the Book of Life, the accumulated knowledge of the ages, is open before mankind who is now spiritually developed enough to understand natural laws. Therefore, the definition of property is not conquered territories or people, nor are lower class persons of your own people property, but the ability to make high quality things and high quality thinking. Let’s consider the concept of property with full responsibility as having high quality relationships between ourselves and objects and the world.Another definition of property is unworthy and humiliating because it belonged to an old century.Is it possible to cleave these fruits of evolution (these old concepts of property) by a weapon or to shake by intimidation, or cowardice, or treacherous slyness? No!For there has come an epoch of universal enrichment of consciousness (not of bank accounts) and nobody will refuse the personal right for this property, this enrichment.There are no forces which could detain the coming of the new world.We regret the infinite expenditure of energy used striving to accumulate property. It’s hard to see how people drag around tattered vestiges of themselves forgetting that life is a Way, a journey, and only certain things are needed in this way.We smile for those people who have the aspiration to understand the right of this sacred property.




  1. Each person has the right to eternal life, but the price is high, and it demands a great deal from the small person. It is necessary to escape from a chaotic world, where people believe in a finite life, in order to reach Divine consciousness and to hear the voice of Truth, breaking the veil of lies about mortal life, leading the person away from an infinite stream of births and death. There is one way to this purpose – self-perfection. People cannot construct immortal bodies from a mortal substance, immortal ideas from mortal thoughts, and divine feelings from mortal feelings. There is one more unconditional quality on a way to Immortality – Fearlessness. When this state is achieved concerning worldly fears, it is necessary to make the last step to full fearlessness: to achieve fearlessness in the attitude to God. The prayer based on fear comes from the era when people were not capable of understanding the underlying reason of mutual relations of the soul with their own God likeness. The idea of a person kowtowing before God was inherited from ancient times. The past has penetrated through to the present with a musty smell of the decomposition of mankind, and is a record of how people let their immortal Selves become mortal. Immortality is based on the law of perfection and that the person is loved by God, whereas fear assumes that he stays in a certain imperfect condition – condemned and limited. For realization of this right, more than the usual discipline should be appointed.This right is truly grandiose, and mankind will erect a stronghold of the greatest beauty and bring into the world a valuable contribution – a pyramid of harmonious lives, which is a pyramid of majestic architecture. We shall be fearless on the way to realizing the right for Immortality.


  1. Each person has the right to have Faith. To have Belief is to have a special kind of knowledge when we know about the existence of the omniscient being which we vaguely name God and the existence of an infinite chain of sacred essences, who aspire to reach Him and achieve the level of Angel, Archangel and higher levels. In this infinite Hierarchy of beings striving toward God there are our Guardian Angels and Teachers leading us by an enlightenment of consciousness to God. Belief is a condition of internal knowledge, and one should continuously and indefatigably act to realize this knowledge; lazy people should not console themselves, saying: "if we have Belief, the rest will be applied.”(Matt. 21:22) It is a shame to know, that thinking in this way we voluntarily condemn ourselves to live in cowardice and laziness because Faith is a gigantic work to accumulate knowledge about God and, realizing this knowledge, work indefatigably. How do we realize this great right? There are talks about blind Belief, but the right of Belief is a right to its comprehension. Belief is a type of knowledge, and knowledge can be intellectual and heartistic. People invent many ways to artificially develop Belief.Others think that only spiritual development will help to reinforce Belief – they are closer to the goal. Only intellectual exercise helps to develop higher heartistic knowledge and Belief, but it is necessary to do these exercises every day and each hour in order to realize our right to Believe.



  1. Each person has the right to fight against criminality. Many people dear to us are involved by deceit or force in gangs similar to a cancer tumor expanding and destroying the big cities in each country. We should challenge the criminals; criminality should be stopped before it gets out of control. The future of mankind is in danger, because criminality not only violates our rights, but completely deprives the future generations of elementary norms of a public life, ecological protection, and the concept of morals disappears from use. People whom we love the most, our descendents, are doomed by us to an animal-like existence. We need to realize the right to fight against criminality not only to rehabilitate ourselves in memory of our descendents, but also to provide the evolutionary future of mankind. Cities require revival to a decent legislative way of life where life will be defined as a cultural phenomenon in the highest degree. Light bearers – people realizing the right to struggle against criminality – should support and inspire all efforts capable of bringing safety on our streets and hope for our children. Many people know that life worsens, but they are too involved in the routine of daily life to feel and see that obviously human feelings have become dull and there is a universal degradation of morals and degeneration of art into stripteases and erotic theatres, etc. Peoples do not feel the degradation of basic moral laws of the nations or if they feel it, they do not know what to do about it. Therefore, only those who are involved in this struggle against criminality can fight for universal salvation; there are many such people in all countries and among all peoples. Let’s remember, that when people are led to a dead-end, they cannot recognize the forces of Evil and fight against them – forces which work tirelessly to destroy everything that is holy and pure, that is from God. We should fight against these forces and the planet should be cleaned of everything that is anti-Life and anti-Light.The right to struggle against criminality does not know compromises – there is only one alternative to criminal behavior – Culture, criminality’s opposite.


  1. The divine right of each person is the Immortal plan for us to reach the ideal personality. The Immortal plan are the unchangeable images of God’s identity, and the best guarantee that if a person follows the way defined by God he/she will reach this ideal (God’s image). The best example of the Immortal plan as the highest protection against the human tendency of self-destruction is the image of Christ. God so loved his begotten Son that it is completely clear that he is the image of God, the prototype on which all people are created. Hence, this image is the divine right of each person. Let’s repeat each step of the way of the Great Savior in order to embody the image of Him and in this way realize our Divine Right.


  1. Each person has the right to have Honor – that unique Honor, which originates from the Divine Nobleness of each person by his right of firstborn. Themeasure of Honor is heartistic sensitivity – a basis for world greatness. It is necessary to learn, what Honor and dignity and the other noble qualities resulting from Honor are necessary for. Each person aspires to reach liberation which can be achieved by the divine quality of honor which comes from the Heart of God when people, in nobleness, put the interests of others above their own and learn the value of a true brotherhood and attendance. The right of Honor is a right of the cosmic Hero.


The person who rescues a snake to lose a friend is not a hero.


The person who evades his/her human duty, looking for words of an apology is not a hero.


The person who does not understand whereless is more – as a parent who understands that his small children’s lives have more value than his own - cannot be considered a hero.


The person who has lost the quality of his/her heart is not a hero.


Therefore, again and again it is possible to be surprised by human absurdities, when people search for spiritual knowledge and spiritual liberation, and simultaneously create new imperfect relationships and disagreements with his/her brothers.


False honor is always protecting one’s imperfections, and protecting the right to remain the same.


Sometimes people want to be sanctioned as prophets or saints but they are false; God cannot be humiliated with these false human relationships. 


Spirituality is most effective for those persons who side by side with spiritual development of validity and mercy aspire to possess the noble right of Honor.


The right of Divine Honor is the most beautiful right of the Spiritual Aristocrat.


  1. Each person has the right to a place in the eternal and infinite cosmic Hierarchy. The Hierarchy is the total law working in the lowest transient Terrestrial plane, and also in the supreme Cosmic plane. The Cosmic Intelligence exists everywhere in the Cosmic plane managing all elements. Based on their potential energy levels, different energies are fulfilling their purposes in the Cosmos. Energies with higher potential take higher positions and energies with lower potentials take lower positions.According to the Cosmic law, the Supreme power is put atop everything.Hierarchy is the indestructible eternal law of the Cosmos based on the potential of the spirit of the Cosmic Intelligence.

 In the earthly human dimension there is a multitude of hierarchies from patrimonial, financial and administrative management up to the same set of hierarchies of the criminal world. All of them are transient, and time destroys them as card houses, for the human hierarchy is a hierarchy of violence, when one people enslave others. Spiritual Hierarchy and human hierarchy are two lines of Good and the Evil.But the main obstacle for the development of countries is in artificial reorganizing of Hierarchies, which brings premature decomposition and disorder of the states. Truly, who is outside of Hierarchy?

 Only ignoramuses and deceivers can black out hierarchy under different nicknames. They carry not freedom of Hierarchies, but the slavery of their clan for every second they are under the yoke of constant surveillance because of mistrust. In Hierarchies Spiritual supervision is transformed into cooperation and mutual-awareness. Supervision generates discipline of violence; trust generates the blessing of self-discipline.

 The history of mankind is a history of churning the ocean of human transient hierarchies up to that condition when in the soul of each person the need to find spiritual qualities wakes up, directing towards the Spiritual Hierarchy in spite of obstacles of everyday customs. Everyday customs erase the God-given tasks and human tasks increase, destroying the Cosmic order. It is necessary to understand, that only dialogue with Spiritual Hierarchy can help the development of spirit stay atop everyday customs. It is impossible to avoid the details of life, but they can be covered with a rainbow of spiritual light.

 It is necessary to remember, that the main task is in self-perfection of people, meaning recognition of a principle of Spiritual Hierarchy, but not human hierarchy which enslaves races, peoples, estates, castes and individuals.

 Down with human slavery! Let each people take care to become chosen in God’s eyes, and each person the owner of the right to belong in the Spiritual Hierarchy, according to the spiritual potential they achieved in life.


  1. Many legal statutes are fabricated by mankind, but the most immutable is not told – the Cosmic Right. It is possible to see how often this Right is used in life. Often it is possible to notice, how something impossible under human laws nevertheless is executed. Often it is possible to be surprised how useless all human precautions are. It is impossible not to feel how something, above all human reasoning guides all circumstances. In this Something there is Will, and Authority and the most immutable attraction. The Cosmic Right guides appointed people to a peaceful world. Sometimes they themselves cannot explain how unexpected circumstances are composed but they know how their Heart is burning. In this way their hearts join something immutable. Following this immutable right it is possible to pass the most dangerous precipices. It is possible to call this power Hierarchy.But if we consider the chemistry of stars, the energy waves from the cosmos that affect our mind, and a tracing of the distance worlds of hierarchies it is possible to define this right – the Cosmic Right.





  1. In order to limit an arbitrariness of people, each person has the right to indicate their Duty, responsibilities and obligations for society.


To have rights means to bear the responsibility for them and counterbalancing the Declaration of Human Rights is the Declaration of Human Duty. Duty and Right are inseparable and should be precisely defined. It is possible to stop the ignorance and misuse of Rights and Duty only by clearly declaring their definitions. Let’s protect society from abusing rights by the right to indicate to the public each person’s Duty, responsibility and obligation.


  1. Each person has the right to full rights. This especially capacious right means the statement of true equality. Anyone can understand that there is no equality where people are cut off from any opportunity for progress and instead they are in the pitiful position of depending on foreign international charitable organizations. People are proud of the destruction of slavery, but has it been destroyed everywhere? Slavery has refined its forms and under a mask of hypocrisy still enslaves whole nations. How can the inhabitants of the earth sleep peacefully when somewhere human dignity is humiliated to a bestial condition? How can educated people brag knowing that there are no full rights? Universality of the full rights of mankind should be the sign of current times. The public opinion should demand justice. Such full rights should become the natural law among world relations. Full rights should be the most necessary condition especially in achieving women’s rights. This duty of understanding one’s full rights will release everyday life from rough habits, foul language, lies, and dull use. But new evolution should begin from the early years if ideas about it have not lit up independently. We can see nowadays that there are many women who fully understand the value of full rights. Women can help the rest of the world understand these rights. We cannot consider the question of full rights fairly resolved concerning countries, peoples, individuals, or even Women.