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Only within the Caucasian peoples does the Spirit attain absolute freedom, integrity and union with its own individuality…attain a complete self-identity and self-development, thus moving forward the entire world history.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel


To the Countries, Nations, Leaders of the world religions and spiritual organizations, international governmental organizations, the entire progressive humanity!

The sixth human race of the Aquarian Age is confidently gaining its power! It openly manifests itself in unprecedented scientific, technical, technological breakthroughs,the paranormal faculties of so-called Indigo children, an ultra-modern science of nanotechnology, the democratization of the whole world, globalization of social and legal liberties, the democratization of human rights; thus, it is arranging the global community for addressing the challenges of the world religions  on a global scale by establishing in the religious sphere new organizations similar to the United Nations, the UNESCO etc. necessary for facilitating the development of the world religious systems and the normalization of the interreligious processes, also by creating the air of tolerance and mutual cooperation.

The legalization of esoteric mystical knowledge of the ancient civilizations as well as of the knowledge hidden deep in the bosom of the modern world religions on a worldwide scale is an inevitable fact in our days.

Obviously, nothing can stop this historical process of the evolution of human consciousness. All secrets become unveiled. The mass enlightened consciousness of people stands open to perceive all the mystical teachings of the pagan past, for instance, such the greatest one- Hellenic mysticism, as well as sacral mysteries of the world religions of our times.

Modern sciences, both legally and through highly classified researches of the leading powers, are engaged at an extended front in studying human psychic centers, so called `chakras`; neither any difficulties nor any restrictions can prevent them from working in this direction, especially if we take into consideration the fact that there are simply no such restrictions (unfortunately) imposed in this sphere.  Secretly or legally, either alone or in communities, mankind studies the laws of nature and the human psyche, while science, in turn, is leading an intense process of expansion of the mass consciousness of humanity; the latter determines a totally new state of the world, with the dominating religions,  on the one hand, being reluctant to resign their right of monopoly over the mass consciousness, and with a new body of enlightened and learned men, as well as freethinking people,  on the other hand, who have won the right to know themselves and  the Universe personally, due to their right to evolution and the high level of consciousness.

Exactly such spiritual upheaval is the state of radical distinction of the New Age, our modern times from the historical past, in which only a few individuals of profound wisdom were able to find secret knowledge either in mystical schools  or, like Christian Rosenkreutz, could establish their own new mystical schools similar to those of the Templiers, the Masons,                                 the Mormons, the Cabbalists of Europe, the Arab countries, Israel or any other mystical teaching, in order to serve God and Humanity!

With respect to the issues that are secret and overt, there is a particular approach in the history of the East-  a peaceful coexistence of the people with two different- exoteric and esoteric levels of religious consciousness within one single denomination (confession); a good case illustrating this, is a peaceful coexistence of the Southern Buddhism, an exoteric level of consciousness of  religious  masses, with the Northern Buddhism- an esoteric level of consciousness. This amicable way of living together for thousands of years has always been especially characterized by the fact that Buddhism has never defiled itself  by religious persecution and the bloodshed of the Inquisition. The same cannot be said about Christianity, within which the sea of blood was shed in the name of the most pacific Lamb of God.

It should be pointed out one more world religion, outstanding, like Buddhism, with its particular religious tolerance- Judaism!

Democratization, this requirement of all-powerful Time, reflected almost in all the Constitutions of the world either de facto or formally, is being established in all the democratic countries and nations with confidence. In the same way, we are proclaiming the same democratization in religion in order to eradicate the last remains of religious fanaticism in our rather uneasy times as well as to deface terrorism fully from the globe.

One of the major tasks defined by the present Manifesto is to proclaim the freedom of religion, equality of rights and peaceful coexistence of two, already de facto formed two currents within all the world religions- exoteric and esoteric directions.

By doing so, we are declaring peaceful coexistence of these two directions of all the religions and religious sects of the world.

Significantly, religious fanaticism and psychosis are the aftermath of the 70-year spiritual starvation of the peoples of the former Soviet Union, since a drastic turn from atheism toward the church could not make up for the lack of religious culture; hence, militant religious fanaticism of the nations of post-Soviet space evolved, thus providing the ignorant masses with the `immunity` of religiousness as an alternative for the `immunity` secured by the Communist Party member cards; this is what gave  rise to disorderly inquisitors defiling the holy name of Christ!

And yet, as a result of carrying out a set of remarkable reforms in order to revive its statehood, like Kazakhstan, Georgia transformed into a sort of a unique Manifesto of National Renaissance on a global scale!

As a result of this miraculous transfiguration:

-         Georgia, as a Phoenix, rose from the ashes, into which it turned under the domination of the Evil Empire;

-         Georgia emerged almost victorious from the blitzkrieg with the Empire.

Both of these aforementioned phenomena are the fruits of the activity of the National Movement party of Georgia and its leader. The entire international community needs to stand up for Mikhail Saakashvili, and by supporting his personality and his deeds, stand up for defending the world values of Culture. Since Russia is doing its best to present him as a criminal, such mode of  behavior will then tend to present every sacred thing existing in life overall and in the history of humankind as criminal in its essence; this will ultimately lead to the collapse of  the whole world! By substituting the meaning of and manipulating the norms of international law, empires were seeking to justify their territorial claims. In the case of the military conflict of Russia with Georgia, the attempt was made, in fact, on Europe, which would bring the latter innumerable misfortunes, resulting probably into in global crash, similar to the collapse of ancient Atlantis. This is a fact, a reality! It is necessary to be understood clearly in order to prevent any further attempts of such biased claims against our President; otherwise, by following this false tendency, Joan of Arc, Ivan Susanin and similar grand personalities in the world history will have to be deprived of their names of heroes, while all the liberation movements throughout the entire world history, including the Second World War (which helped to liberate Russia itself as well as the entire globe), will have to be declared unlawful too (!!!). … Saakashvili is the Liberator of his nation, not the offender against the international community, as some would like to depict; otherwise, by following similar alogism, Dmitri Donskoy, one of the greatest national heroes of Russia, would appear as a culprit before the Golden Horde; however, Dmitri Donskoy was the very person giving birth to modern Russia, while Saakashvili helped to originate modern Georgia.

In view of the aforesaid, we would like to declare the following:

I – It is necessary to establish a unified, universal system (structure) of cooperation of all the world religions in order to influence on the challenging global processes of our times of the Apocalypse by creating in the religious sphere organizations similar to the UN and the UNESCO etc.  This will lead to a global harmonization of interreligious as well as                        intra-religious  relationships by facilitating the advanced cooperation of all the world confessions and the two classical directions within each religion- exoteric and esoteric branches of religious consciousness and a peaceful coexistence of their followers. By analogy with the UN, where four languages of the West communicate (cooperate) with the East through Chinese and Arabic, we would like to propose four more Oriental languages for communication- Tibetan, one of the tongues of India, Persian, Hebrew, also German and the everlasting language of ancient Hellas- Greek! This is going to be one more, auxiliary link of cultural communication that would provide for an even greater unification of the world into one global, inseparable pacific integrity.  

II – Within the framework of the proposed United Religious System of Universal Cooperation and Management (URSUCM), similar to the political organizations like the United Nations and the UNESCO, a unified global Center of Ethics, responsible for determining the legitimacy of scientific researches of still less known or completely unfamiliar laws of Nature and defining the suitability of the innovations, should be established; if any discovery made surpasses the ethical level of the humanity, it will be necessary to provide for the closedown (temporary conservation) of the results of the research until the period when the legalization of the laws of Nature will be consistent with the broader ethical standards of all members of the global community. Two obvious examples for justifying  the functioning of such Center of Ethics is the outrageous lack of control over nuclear energy in general and the tragic events in Japan early this year, in particular, also similar absence of supervision over the experiments dealing with genetic code and  many more other issues!

III – Today is the right time to remember the Roerich Pact of Culture concerning the protection of artistic and scientific institutions and historic monuments, whose author is the great Russian thinker and artist, Nikolai Roerich; it is necessary to provide a broader, fresher interpretation of this document and defend Logos, the Divine Word itself from militant ignorant politicos, which tend to regard cultural values only from the position of force, the most dangerous ground, referring to which, one could, even though in his own words,  dare to remove the entire government of a large European country with perfect impunity… Due to the situation formed in the world nowadays, it would be most reasonable to nominate Mikhail Saakashvili, President of Georgia, deservedly, as a candidate for the Nobel Prize of Peace; this will also help to establish merit-based new realities, new trends and spiritual criteria in the world, thus putting international provocations rolled up by some irresponsible politicians to an end once and for all.   

This will help to secure the great services rendered to the humanity and in contrast to the dangerous claims, all the world cultural-ethical conceptions and norms of Culture will be safeguarded, while prompting the Empires to pass into nothingness forever, carrying away all the narrow-minded politicians defying atilt the positive transformations being underway in the political and social systems within newly liberated nations as well as worldwide. Great Prospects are awaiting for Russia and its people in the future; the World is waiting long for salvation by the country of the Roerichs, the country of the spiritual culture of the great Russian nation. 

P.S. We would be greatfully looking forward to confirming the reception of our message and Your attitude to it. We kindly ask you to acknowledge the receipt of this e-mail.



President of the Roerich Society of Georgia

Tamaz Tavadze


September 8, 2011

Tbilisi, Georgia